Monday, February 17, 2014

Thing 4: Keeping Up

True Confessions: I didn't download one of these suggested apps, because I already use Feedly. I used to use Bloglines and Google Reader inside iGoogle, but switched to Feedly after hearing that Google was pulling the plug on iGoogle. I especially like how Feedly works on my phone. It's super easy to quickly scan a lot of feeds. I know some people don't see a need for RSS in the age of Twitter, etc., but I think it serves a different purpose. I like longer form news that I track via RSS, and hope it doesn't go away unless there's a new technology that accomplishes the same purpose.

Thing 3: Utilities

I've been meaning to get a QR reader for a while now, and just hadn't gotten around to it. Now I have RedLaser. I've heard of people using these to find coupons, as well as compare prices, get more info, etc. I'll need to experiment.

Thing 2: Mobile Device Tips

I needed this one. I am one of the librarian hold-outs who waited until just 6 months or so ago to finally get a smart phone--an i phone. I love it, but I don't love learning how to use devices, and most of what I know about my own phone is stuff other people have shown me. I especially appreciated the tip about bolding the text on my app labels, and also the battery-saving ideas. Just jumping in and out of some of the settings is a good exercise for me, making me more comfortable with trying things on my phone. Maybe next I'll actually start using Siri!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thing 1: Blogs

I've done this before. In the early days of blogging,  I took a class and created a blog with Blogger, which at that time was owned independently. I believe the instructor's name was Steven Cohen. Back then no one else on our library staff was blogging. I had to get special permission for my boss to take the class, which cost a little bit of money. When I proposed that the library have its own blog, people thought that was a little out there.

Now of course most bigger libraries blog, as ours does, and I occasionally contribute something to our Bethel news blog. It's funny to think now that blogs fall into the category of "too long to read."

What do I want to get out of 23 things? Well, I missed the earlier things on sticks classes, partly owing to the fact that I didn't have a mobile device (not even a smart phone!), and I always felt a little guilty about that.  While I've tried to keep abreast of  tech changes, there's nothing like having your own device and playing with the apps directly. So here I am, making up for lost time. I finally have a smart phone, and  I hope that by the end I'll be in a better position to understand how various apps can enhance our services and help our patrons.